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Why Chatbots are on the rise in Digital Marketing

From films such as I, Robot to TV shows like Humans, robots performing jobs that humans have traditionally fulfilled, has been a developing idea and is now, more than ever before, an increasing phenomenon. Powered by AI and machine learning, Chatbots are one of the key features at the forefront of digital marketing. It is a key trend to look out for in 2019 (link to drum conference digital trend blog post here) Here are some reasons why they are increasing on the rise and why you should consider incorporating it into your digital marketing strategy:

Instant Responses:

Did you know that 45% of end users prefer using chatbots as a source of customer service communication, according to Grand View Research. It helps marketers better engage with their audience. In this age of social media, there is a heightened desire for quick responses. Chatbots support this through providing instant answers to customers questions. With this sense of instant messaging, it saves time from waiting a longer length of time for a response from a staff employee. I suspect most of us have experienced being put on hold on the phone line for a lengthy amount of time through waiting to speak to the next available staff member. Chatbots eradicates this lengthy time wait through the instant messaging.

Natural Language:

Interaction with technology has historically seemed quite lifeless and dull. However, Chatbots are evidence of improvement in this as they allow us to use our own natural language through text and speech- diminishing complex unnatural queries or user queries. Chatbots also use equipment we are use to, such as smartphones, laptops and social media being a large component of this.

They are scalable:

Where we humans may struggle with multi-tasking a range of tasks, Chatbots can handle an ever-increasing amount of requests. There is no need to employ more chatbots as demand increases, as you would with humans. As the increase for instant responses increases, chatbots deal with this well and can save you money as a business as you will not have the need to employ as many staff members for a job that one chatbot could do.

They learn and improve:

AI Chatbots powered use machine learning and natural language use these resources to improve overtime- independent of the need to update programmes. For example, the more data the chatbot has through customer interaction, the more its efficiency increases in interpreting and replying to requests.

They are a great solution for your business:

Customer service is an important feature to really prioritise in your business. Friendliness and interactiveness ar key features to consider in your strategy. It can also help within the business too. For example chatbots could be a digital assistant for employees to book holidays, saving time from HR staff from doing this.

These are all examples of how chatbots are increasingly climbing the top of the ladder or digital trends- they are revolutionising the way we interact and it is an incredibly useful tool to consider using in your marketing plan. We at Red Idea recommend it and can help you implement this.