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What is a brand strategy?

Regardless of the sector, every business ultimately wants to achieve the same thing: make a memorable impression and become the customers’ top choice for a certain product/service. 

And yet, many businesses, despite having great products, fail to do that and end up forgotten – just another registered company whose website barely gets any visitors and whose name never rings any bells. 

So, what makes a business stand out from a brand? A brand is a household name: people have heard about Amazon even if they’ve never ordered from it, and they know Apple’s values even though they never owned an iPhone. To become like these brands, you need a solid brand strategy. 

Developing a brand strategy can be quite complicated. Quite often, business owners confuse it for marketing and struggle with it for years simply because they don’t know what the process involves.

So, what is a brand strategy? 

In business, a brand strategy is a long-term plan designed to make your business more recognizable and bring it to customers’ top preferences. A brand strategy should always be aligned with your business plan, and it should reflect your company’s mission. While building a good branding strategy may involve changing a logo or website design, a branding strategy is much more complex than that – it’s a process that involves many aspects of your business, and that will influence its operations for years to come. 

How do you build a brand strategy?

Building a brand strategy is never a one-size-fits-all affair. While you can take inspiration from your competitors or some inspirational companies, your brand’s strategy should be drafted in accordance with YOUR unique values and mission.

However, to make the process easier to understand, we can separate it into three steps: 

  1. Establish your brand’s heart, what separates it from other companies. Before anything else, you have to pinpoint your purpose and vision and what values you’ll apply to achieve them.
  1. Messaging. For this step, you’ll have to establish your pillars of communication: how you’ll stay connected with your audience and what tone you’ll use when doing so. At this stage, you should also decide on your brand’s tagline.
  1. Work on your visual identity. After establishing your mission and values, you have to express them through visuals such as website design, logo, and typography. At this step, it’s very important to be consistent and use the same visual style across all communication channels.


Why do you need a brand strategy?

Building a good brand strategy requires time and attention, but why should you bother anyway?

Because it can save you a lot of trouble down the line, and it can make the difference between success and failure. 

When you have a solid brand strategy, marketing and business decisions are easier to make because you already have a direction, and you know what you want to achieve. 

Without a brand strategy, you may do a lot of work, but that work will not be targeted. In fact, businesses that lack a clear brand strategy often confuse their audience, fail to engage them, and can’t find their place on the market. 

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