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What are the best website design trends for 2021

 What to find out what 2021 has in store for website design trends? Keep reading below to find out! 

The evolution of web design trends over the last decade is really interesting. Some trends came and went, while others stayed with us and adapted to changes in the web environment. During this time, we went from trends like minimalism and flat design to a much riskier approach, such as abstract and impossible compositions. 

Each year’s web design trends are getting user-friendlier because, these days, it’s all about user experience. For 2021, web designers are embracing a new theme: instead of incorporating hi-tech fantasy in their designs, they are experiencing new heights of realism. 

Next year, web design seems to be all about blending the digital and the ordinary as a statement for how much a part of everyday life sites have become to us. Ready to find out the best website design trends for 2021? Please stick with us!

Parallax animation

Web animations have been a major web design trend for some time now. Yet, this year, graphic designers are making them more complex than ever by separating page elements into foreground and background extremes, which creates a parallax effect.


Neomorphism has already gained a lot of popularity this year, but next year, the trend is set to take us through an interesting journey into the era of minimalist realism. This trend is expected to be seen mostly on the buttons, search bars, and text boxes design on websites. 

Abstract art compositions

We’ve already seen some abstract shapes such as squares and circles that have been incorporated in this year’s designs. Yet, next year, graphic designers are planning to take these simple yet restrictive shapes and incorporate them into more complex, sprawling compositions that provide more freedom. 

Comfortable colors

As people are spending more and more time in front of computers and other screens these days, eye strain is becoming a more common problem. So, next year, web designers are planning to help users with eye strain problems by adding color schemes that are easier on the eyes. 


Web design for causes

With so many global problems like COVID-19 and environmental issues happening, the Internet has become a refugee for users and a place to discuss all these issues we’re all dealing with. Web designers have decided to show some support by creating meaningful and impactful designs. 

Scrolling transformations

When scrolling down on a website, users don’t just navigate the interface. They also interact with every element they can see there. So, web designers decided that in 2021, they’ll make the activity of scrolling more interesting for users by adding new color schemes, complex animated transitions, or even wholesale shifts in the layout. 

Digital interpretations of physical products

In 2021, products or their digital interpretation will be literal design elements on websites. This trend is expected to help create a more direct connection between the product and the website that promotes it. 

Captivating questionaries

Next year, we’ll see many interactive questionaries designed to create an active engagement and experience for the visitors. 

3D colors

 Color schemes in web design are a key part. But, next year, web designers will give these color schemes new interpretations by using saturated colors that look like they are three-dimensional. 

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