Twitter is the place where businesses make contact with customers, competitors and key influencers. It’s a simple platform to use, once you understand the technology and conventions. We can help you to come up with your goals on Twitter, find the right people to connect with and monitor your work.

On completion of the Twitter course delegates will:

  • Understand the underlying principles of using Twitter for business
  • Feel confident about the jargon and etiquette of using Twitter effectively
  • Gain knowledge of tools and techniques to get more from Twitter in less time
  • Be able to monitor the success of your activity on Twitter
  • Setting up your account and strategies around personal and corporate branding
  • Followers and following – how to find people, best practices in growing your followers
  • Tips on what to write, frequency and the tone to use
  • Adding links, photos and using URL shorteners
  • Lists – what are they, and how can they be useful?
  • How to reply to tweets and to contact followers privately
  • Getting to know the lingo and etiquette – @, DM, RT, hashtags
  • Using search and why it’s important for businesses
  • Introduction to desktop and mobile applications
  • Real-time search – and applications for use
  • How are different businesses and brands (large and small) using Twitter to help them in their business?
  • How to monitor conversations related to your brand(s)
  • Discussion and brain-storming on how Twitter could be useful for your organisation – going beyond marketing
  • Who in your company should be representing your brand and areas of business
  • Guidelines for employees
Twitter Training


£ 120 - PayPal Standard