Linked In

LinkedIn is an extremely powerful platform to help you position your brand and establish your credibility. It offers a range of features that many businesses aren’t aware of. We’ll help you understand what LinkedIn can and can’t do for you, at all stages of the sales cycle.

On completion of the LinkedIn course delegates will:

  • Understand the underlying principles of using LinkedIn for business
  • Gain knowledge of groups and questions, and how you can use them to position your brand
  • Formulate a clear plan to use LinkedIn as part of your marketing mix
  • Be able to monitor the success of your activity on LinkedIn
  • How LinkedIn fits into the social media and business worlds
  • Customising your settings e.g. optimising settings to locate staff or skills
  • Developing your profile to attract new prospects and clients as well as acting as “social proof” for referrals and word of mouth recommendations
  • Getting to the top of search results on LinkedIn for your target keywords
  • Methods and approaches to extend your network
  • Using the advanced search facilities to find the right candidates and target new business
  • How to approach and connect with people – and how not to!
  • Developing and raising your profile to set you apart from the competition on LinkedIn
  • Updates: how to use them best without re-inventing the wheel
  • Groups: participating sensibly and establishing your own
  • Answers, events, messaging, testimonials and other on site tools
  • Setting up and developing a powerful set of Company Pages
Linked In Training


£ 120 - PayPal Standard