Effective business blogs build your credibility and help your website rank higher in search engines. Blogging is easier than you think – you don’t have to be the world’s greatest writer to produce relevant targeted posts that will bring traffic to your site. Blogs are also a great way to engage with your audiences, including customers and potential clients.

On completion of the blogging course delegates will:

  • Understand the underlying principles of blogging for business
  • Develop a schedule of content that will bring the right audience to your site
  • Formulate a clear plan to use blogging as part of your marketing mix
  • Be able to monitor the success of your blogging activity
  • Defining the purpose and target audience of your blog
  • How blogging is different from journalism or business copywriting
  • Matching the words with the look and feel of your blog
  • Using key words and phrases discreetly in your blog
  • Devising the best length and frequency for your posts
  • Building a voice of authority through your blog
  • Different ways to craft a conversational tone
  • Why proofreading before publishing is essential
  • Building a community
  • Managing comments and feedback
  • Attracting new readers
  • Coming up with ideas and opportunities for posts
  • Using the blog to personalise your brand or business
  • Inviting guest bloggers
  • Developing links and blog rolls
Blogging Training


£ 120 - PayPal Standard