Our Work

Peace & Pure

The Client:
Peace & Pure is a start-up e-commerce business promoting skincare products and wellbeing. As a first product, the founder created a beautiful and scented facial serum that enhances the deep connection between ourselves and our skin.

The Challenge:
The founder started her incredible adventure by sourcing products, packaging and planning her vision and products meticulously. Still, the all brand message and identity needed much more in-depth analysis. The beauty sector is one of the most challenging and complicated industry, and we wanted to create the bases for a successful venture.

The Solution:
We put together a solid plan and advise the client through a few marketing consultancy sessions. We started by analysing the entire business and proposal.

The business idea was original and on topic with current times, but we wanted to target the right audience.

We suggested message consistency to engage with the audience properly. Specifically, we advise about branding, packaging, website, and we revised her content. Finally, we gave advise about photo shooting and commercial. The client has taken all the suggestions on board. Her brand is now thriving in social media; she reached hight engagement thanks to the revised marketing message content and revised digital marketing strategy.