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BodyLogic Health

How did we accomplish this?

Red Idea Digital Agency took apart and identified who Body Logic as a company were, not unlike their services which offer a individualised journey, we wanted to know about their journey and how best to tell their story. We completely rebranded the company, Body Logic renders their trademark as being ‘The movements specialists’ and so we created a website which also projected this ethos. We wanted the site to have a simple but effective interface that moved fluidly and was easily accessible.

In order for Body Logic to grow, we needed to evolve both its aesthetics and the way clients interact with it, giving it a new creative and more modern design using bold colours and shapes, fonts that were approachable, simple but striking.

With the task of ensuring Body Logic remains current, we also wanted to change the way that users engage with the site, we created a blog section with separate divisions dedicated to each of the disciplines offered at Body Logic whether it be, physiotherapy, the running school, personal training. We also put in place an online shop offering gift vouchers for purchase, enabling another level of interactivity for users to buy gifts, changing a service into an experience. Aside from this we also integrated company merchandise as part of the Body logic brand, such as stationary and Body Logic posters.

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