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Instagram Cheat Sheet For Businesses

With Instagram being one of the most popular social media sites out there at the minute, there has been a large request for tips on how to optimise your Instagram to the Instagram algorithm. Therefore, we have created this Instagram cheat sheet.

Although there is no formula 100% guaranteed to make your Instagram profile reach a wider audience on Instagram, the following steps can help you to achieve this. Remember quality is always going to be a significant component in Instagram marketing- so you will always have to have value to offer to your audience, before using any of these tactics. However, if you believe you have the value already, the steps in this Instagram cheat sheet could help you reach a wider audience:

Portrait Pictures Priority 

 You want your pictures and content to be seen right? As Portrait pictures on mobile phones take up more screen space, prioritising portrait pictures are a good tactic to make your posts more visible. Even if you have landscape pictures, you can still crop them into the portrait to achieve the same result. It makes a difference!

 Master the Lingo 

 There’s a variety of phrases that are important to get familiar with in order to make the use of your Instagram marketing strategy. A few of these include the different segments in analytics – reach, engagement etc. Geo-tag, which refers to the location tag of your work. Whilst the explore page is a function used to discover different accounts. The Archive feature allows you to hide posts from your feed without deleting it. These are all terminology to get familiar with when managing your Instagram.

Post In Recommended Dimensions

You should be aware of the video sizes and pictures you can post. Remember it’s all about standing out

  1. Recommended sizes for photos on your feed are as follows:

1080 x 1080 pixels (square), 1080 x 566 pixels (landscape), or 1080 x 1320 pixels (portrait).

      2. Recommended sizes for videos on your feed are as follows: 

600 x 600 pixels (square) or 600 x 315 pixels (landscape)

Aspect ratio: 1:1 (square) or 1.9:1 (rectangle)

Alt Text (Alternative Text)

Just like SEO, Alt Text plays a role in the algorithm of Instagram. It is describing the image you are posting and therefore helps the algorithm categorise what type of image it is. To access this feature, tap the advanced settings when you are posting from your phone. It can be found when you scroll down. Once you are on this, you can write your own Alt Text. Make sure to use as many relevant keywords that relate to your niche and audience.  


The all so popular hashtags are key to your posts becoming searchable. Both on Instagram stories and your feed! Using a bulk of hashtags, around 30 (for your feed) allows a greater chance of your post being seen. Make sure to use relevant hashtags that are more niche (approximately 90k-600k posts on them).

Short captions 

Although it seems popular to do long captions and the algorithm does take into account how long someone spends making a post, it’s pretty well known that peoples attention span is pretty short on Instagram. Therefore, shorter captions that are snappy and stand out can really make a difference and work well with the portrait image tactic of standing out. 

Don’t post at rush hours 

This may go against a lot of what you may have heard, so let us explain why we say this. Analytics shows you when your followers are online. These times are extremely competitive as many accounts will be posting at this time. Therefore, by posting outside of these times, you reduce the competition, you will have a higher chance of showing up on someone’s screen. 

Tagging the contents of your post 

This includes people, visible brands etc. It really helps to expand your reach and make your post more visible. 

Instagram Shopping 

Setting up Instagram shopping for a product-based business can engage your audience further as it provides further insight into your brand, product prices and more. Certain shops, like Shopify, make it a simpler process to set up through integration. 

Separate hashtags from your captions 

Though some people separate their hashtags into the comments section to make it cleaner, it is not clear if this technique will last in the long run in terms of searchability. Therefore, to achieve the clean effect but including the hashtags in the caption, you can separate the caption from your hashtags by using paragraph spaces and bullet points.

Interact with your audience

Commenting on potential followers posts and interacting with the followers you already have is a key component of increasing your visibility on Instagram. Take time out to engage with your followers, you can do competitions or even quizzes as a way of doing this.

If you are consistent with the above points, you will have a better chance of your Instagram being more visible. We hope this Instagram cheat sheet helps you and wish you all the best with your Instagram strategy!

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