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Digital Marketing Workshop in Zurich “Event feedback”

On June 29th 2019, our Founder and Director, Tania Jackson, delivered a digital marketing workshop at the 1st Women Fashion & Business in Zürich, Switzerland 2019. 

Within the workshop, Tania provided advice to businesswomen about how to devise a successful Digital Marketing Strategy, budgeting, market research and more.

The workshop was well-received by attendees. Below is some feedback from some of those who attended:

  •  I learned a lot from Tania, but the most important thing was to learn to value my work and manage the business course for growth. Tania’s perseverance [and] intelligence in the use of resources and taking care of the principal intangible heritage. You are inspiring. She gave her time with so much love and wisdom. I will carry these teachings forever. – Aliane e Erwin


  • Specialising in Digital Marketing and Branding Strategy, Tania Jackson Came with Everything To Zurich showing digital marketing strategies in a spontaneous and objective way. For the first time, I did not feel like sleeping in a Workshop. Thank you for representing the Brazilian Women’s Community Abroad! –  Att. Sheila Pereira


Tania enjoys sharing her expertise in digital marketing with aspiring entrepreneurs. She is invited to speak at various events across the year. There will be another one coming up soon in London so watch out for that one too!