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Do you know what is CTA’s?

Call To Actions, often abbreviated to CTA, is an important feature to include in your digital marketing strategy. CTA’s can take the form of text, image or buttons prompting a visitor of your website to take some form of action that will in turn help your business and serve your customer, whether that’s purchasing a product or even signing up to a newsletter.

CTA’s are so effective that a recent report by the well known business magazine, Forbes detailed that switching the use of language in CTA’s, from third to first person significantly enhanced the amount of user conversions to a whopping 90%. This shows how important it is to include CTA’s on your website and that it’s necessary to use them correctly.

Consider the timing:

Timing is an essential component in delivering your CTA. If it comes at the wrong moment, it can be perceived in the wrong way and the user could easily become disinterested. However, when considering when the best time is to use it, it can be received much more positively and significantly increase engagement. Consider this example, a user has just visited your site from a social media post their friend posted linking them to a product you sell, they then want to know more about this product. A simple line reading ‘Want to know more about us? Give us a call on

or email us at [insert email] is a good instance to use it as they are interested in the product and invariably interested in your company. It links in well with their interest as well as your desire to engage with the customer. A CTA can be a series of steps taking the customer through a journey exploring your company and what it is about and how you can help them out! CTA’s provide direction to the customer and you have the ability to show them where you would like them to go.

Pop ups is a CTA that should be used carefully. Instant pop ups on your homepage as visitors come to your site could lead to poor results. Use them moderately, allowing them to get the feel of your website, then when a popup appears they won’t feel ambushed as such.

Consider your approach:

As demonstrated in the Forbes report, it’s important to consider the wording of a CTA. Simplicity is often efficient as it is easy information for users to digest when browsing your website. Statements such as ‘Sale Open’ or ‘Sign up’ are short, yet direct enough for them to know what the CTA is referring to. Furthermore, you can enhance the effectiveness of CTA wording by adding value to the CTA, making your brand stand out amongst your competitors. For example a CTA such as “Want to keep updated with our latest deals? Sign up to our newsletter here’. This directs the user as well as informs them of the benefits of following the CTA.

As with all things digital the visual aspect is an important feature to consider when using CTA’s. Make sure that the design is compelling, drawing your customers eye and enticing them to follow the link. It should also be bold and clear. There are many instances where buttons are preferable to simple texts as it makes your CTA stand out more visibly.

It’s essential to remember, that a CTA is only the beginning of your customer interaction. Consider what will happen after they follow your CTA? How will you maintain a good impression with them? Ensure that the CTA they click on takes them to a direct page that is specific to what the CTA detailed and not a generic page. You want to build a trust with your customer and delivering on what your CTA’s display is a key way to do this. Throughout it all remember to think carefully about how and when to use your CTA’s. If done correctly, it could significantly increase conversion- take it from Forbes!