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Breakthrough in Business Workshop – 27th September

Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one? Well, you’ve come to the right blog post! On Friday 27th September, Red Idea’s Founder and Director, Tania Jackson will be one of several business experts holding a Breakthrough in Business workshop in Notting Hill Gates Eagle Lab in London. This event is to help entrepreneurs develop their Mindset, Marketing, Intentional Living, Presentation skills and more. It aims to equip you with the right tools you need to build your business. 

Tania has spoken at several events in London and International where she has received excellent feedback. The focus of Tania’s talk will be on the Fundamentals of Marketing Plans, Objectives of Business and KPI’s and, of course, Market Research. Tania will also speak on Creative Strategy and how to use social networking. There will be opportunities to network and learn at this event too.

Tania will be speaking alongside three other business experts. These include:

Mindset Mentor, Gaëlle Berruel, who will speak about the value of your mind and the impact it can have in driving our business in the direction you would like it to go.

Business Mentor, Helen Kho who will be talking about money mindset and intentional living as a key to success.

Speech and Confidence Coach, Florence Reymond who will speak on presentation and networking skills that you will be able to put straight into practice at the event!

It is set to be an insightful event!  To book tickets to this Breakthrough in Business event, click this link! To get more of an idea of the speakers and their background, feel free to visit the links embedded in their names. There will be much more opportunity to find out more about each speaker at the event.

Feel free to ask any questions via hello@redidea.co.uk. See you at the event!