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5 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

A report published in 2015 stated that within a sample of organisations asked, 50% of them were practicing digital marketing, but with no defined strategy. Whilst it is good that many businesses are embracing the need for digital marketing, without a clear and well thought out strategy, the results from such activities are not reaching their full potential. A digital marketing strategy can be key in helping contemporary businesses reach their audiences, building a brand message and ultimately becoming a much stronger force to be reckoned with. Here are 5 reasons why if you haven’t created a digital marketing strategy, you should start planning one soon!

Achieve a focussed online presence

There are many goals that can be achieved online, but it is important to know which ones are key to you and your success in order to reap the benefits. By defining a strategy you are defining why it is you are making the move online and this can help you to analyse what steps need to be made in order to achieve this.

Help others be clear on what is expected and why it will help

Having a strong strategy can help to enforce trust into your work mates and wider workforce. Explaining and demonstrating how your digital marketing activities will fit into the achieving wider company goals will no doubt help to gain you support in implementing your digital activities.

Provoke interaction with targeted audiences

Embracing digital marketing can open up your company on a global scale and as such, it is easier than ever to get your message across to your unique and targeted audience. Creating a strategy will help you to use the right tools and techniques in order to reach those who matter the most to your organisation, in the most successful way.

Open up access to the mobile consumer

The purchasing power of a consumer with a mobile device should never be underestimated, with over 94% of adults in the US always having a device within reaching distance. Creating an official online presence allows your company to reach out to all of these mobile consumers.

Get to know exactly what your customers want

The interactive nature of online means that businesses can create conversation with their customers. As well as earning valuable trust, this can allow you to communicate directly with your audience to learn more about their actual needs, rather than ones that you predict. This can help your company to grow in exactly the right direction, for business success.