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3 Reasons You Should Use National Days In your Marketing Calendar

Traditional National/ International Days have been around for a while. We all know about Christmas. However, many may not know about niche days like National Hobby Month or National Love Your Pet Day. This post explains why as a digital marketer, you should take advantage of these seasons.

1. You Can Reach A Larger Audience

Creating posts tailored to National Days allow you to reach out to people who wouldn’t normally see your posts. Hashtags are most effective on Twitter and Instagram, although they can also be used on Facebook and LinkedIn. Make sure you use them when creating your posts as this is how you can reach a larger audience

2. It Adds A Personal Touch

With more consumers heading to social media to ask brands questions for help or address complaints, there is an increased desire to connect with companies. Making a post tailored to a national or international holiday helps connect with your audience in a more personal way, other than selling your service or product.

3. It Helps Keep Your Brand Relevant

Engaging with national/ international days or months, especially niche ones, shows that your brand is active and knowledgeable about new trends. You can even teach your followers about new national days!

We hope this post has helped you consider incorporating national days into your marketing calendar! We hope to see your brand on our explore page on the next national day!

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